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Camp Fire Blamed For Garden Shed Blaze

BEND, OR -- Investigators said it was an improperly extinguished camp fire that spared a Monday blaze that destroyed a garden shed west of Bend.  Crews arrived shortly before 10 a.m., and found the 10' x 10' building fully engulfed.  The shed and everything inside were a complete loss.  Firefighters kept the blaze from spreading to the nearby home.
The Bend Fire Department would like to remind anyone who has small recreational fires to follow some simple tips before leaving the fire unattended:
·        Allow the wood to burn completely to ash if possible.
·        Pour lots of water on the fire, drown ALL embers, not just the red ones.
·        Pour until hissing sound stops
·        Stir the campfire ashes and embers with a shovel
·        Scrape the sticks and logs to remove any embers
·        Stir and make sure everything is wet and they are cold to the touch

If you see local news happen, call the Horizon Broadcasting Group News Tip Hotline at 541-323-NEWS, or email us.

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