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Watch Pets This 4th Of July

BEND, OR -- Many Central Oregon communities will celebrate 4th of July with some kind of fireworks display.  But, these displays can be terrifying for your four legged friends.  Lynne Ouchida with the Humane Society of Central Oregon told KBNW News the sudden burst of light and sound will scare most dogs and cats.

"We can comprehend the concept of it and we understand that it's not going to hurt us.  It's kind of like dogs who are afraid of gunshots, I think it's very instinctive fearful not only sound but sight and smell.  Again, they don't understand it so they just kind of go into flight stress mode, and you know when that happens, that's when these animals take off."
She says you can help your pet through the 4th of July by: 
  • Not taking them to a fireworks display
  • Locking them in your home bathroom or laundry room
  • Leave the radio on for your pet to serve as a distraction
  • For pets extremely afraid of fireworks, you may want to speak with your veterinarian about possible medication
Ouchida added before the fireworks start, make sure you pet has a collar and identification.  She said in the days following the 4th, they receive hundreds of animals, and proper ID will allow them to reunite pet with owner.

If you see local news happen, call the Horizon Broadcasting Group News Tip Hotline at 541-323-NEWS, or email us.

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